Skate Utopia
"A Happy Place"


    Skate Utopia "A Happy Place"

                               Children's Book & DVD

               Written and produced by Brian Brantley Sr. 

A positive story designed to enlighten the minds of our youth and help them find a perfect world.  With the urban JB style of roller skating being a metaphor,  it’s implied that skating is more advanced than walking, more pleasant than walking, and you live a happier life. If you are still walking in life, you don’t know what true happiness is and we must all learn how to roller skate to be happy.

In today’s world, we have an obligation to let others know that if you’re afraid to be kind, you’re living the life of a coward. It’s unacceptable to allow those who are afraid, think that being kind is a sign of weakness.  In order to achieve this, we must put an end to the bad attitudes and evil ways.  

In conclusion, the price of being a nice person doesn’t cost anything and that is the key to true happiness. Skate Utopia will take you from a world of sadness, into a world of happiness. 






Skate Utopia "A Happy Place"                 

Children's Book and Live Stage Play On DVD                                             

Live Stage play on roller skates and on DVD  

Halftime show Illiana Derby Dames

{Click here} Featured at Six Flags on May 25, 2013 




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$12.99  Children's Book and DVD